5 Traits of Successful uTesters – Part 3

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Several years ago, I was a tester on a small development team. We built and maintained several products that did completely different things, yet they were quite similar. They were all .NET web apps and, per company policy, only had to work on IE 9. This meant that my ability to test was limited because there was no need or opportunity for me to learn how to test other browsers, platforms or technologies.

When new testers join uTest, they often find themselves in a similar situation, but for a different reason. They have a laptop and their one personal phone listed on their profile and that’s it. Their ability to test is limited by the devices they own.

Conversely, Versatility (both in terms of ability and tool availability) is an important attribute that all successful uTesters have.

Ability to Test Anything

uTest is constantly at the forefront of technology. Companies come to us to test the latest and greatest the IT world has to offer. From beta OS to pre-release smart phones. From wearables and IoT (Internet of Things) to smart cars and smart homes. Sometimes before anyone even knows how to develop on these new technologies, companies come to us to help them develop their testing strategy.

The most successful uTesters are the ones that are asked to join these unique and challenging projects because they are the ones who, through experience, have proven that they are capable of meeting those challenges. They understand the core fundamentals of testing theory and use that knowledge along with their past experiences to devise ways to test things no other tester has seen before.

Tool Availability

The most brilliant painter in the world could do little more than a finger painting without a collection of the right paintbrushes and knowledge of the techniques needed to use them effectively. In the same way, the most successful uTesters have the correct tools. With collections of laptops, phones, watches, and dozens of other devices, these tester’s desks look like they just robbed an electronics store.

For example, take a look at my friend Rob’s profile picture:

But simply having the tools isn’t enough. I have a stack of paintbrushes and my mother won’t even take any of my artwork home! The best uTesters know every inch of each device. They configure them to mimic different real-world scenarios. They know the different techniques to take videos or capture log files. They are able to do things most testers didn’t know was even possible and sometimes even surprise our customers.

While some uTesters may realize a small measure of success even with limited abilities and tools, the best uTesters owe their success to their own versatility. They are to accomplish any testing task given to them because they have the abilities and tools necessary to get the job done.

For you new uTesters, what can you do to improve your Versatility?

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