Key Decision: Become a full-time uTester


So I’m about 7 months late in writing this, but the key decision I made back in January was to leave my job as the test lead for Brock Solutions and become a full-time uTester.

Working at Brock, I enjoyed the people I was working with and was reasonably content with the company. But he product was the most untestable and convoluted piece of software I’ve ever seen, which resulted in extremely challenging work. It was difficult to add value as most of the day was spent trying to get the system ready to test. The work wasn’t what I thought it was going to be when I signed up and at the end of the day I didn’t enjoy my job.

In early January, Steve Moses, a Sr. project manager at uTest contacted me. He said he had an exciting opportunity to be a dedicated test lead for one of uTest’s largest clients. It was a 6-month contract with the possibility of an extension. It really wasn’t much of a decision. How could I turn down representing my favorite company, the one I spend my free time working for anyway?


  • Build my reputation as as a top uTester and leader in the community
  • Develop a better understanding of e-commerce
  • Gain experience working with people from industries
  • Influence the education and growth of others
  • Find more challenging and rewarding career options

4 thoughts on “Key Decision: Become a full-time uTester”

  1. Hey, hope everything goes according to your plan, Lucas. It’s great not only for uTest and its customers, but also for its community, to have an inspiring person like you working full time to make it more awesome.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Marek. Just one more reason our community is so great, how supportive we are of each other!

  2. When you belong to a community with intelligent and interesting people like you, makes you feel you want to engage more with uTest!

    1. Well thanks Clara! I totally agree with you. For years I’ve marveled at what an amazing collection of testers we have in our community. I truly believe that is Applause’s best feature 🙂

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