My Testing bucket list

I realize this might appear to be a vain post, but the intent is to set some goals for myself and make them public in order to help me be more motivated to achieve them. I’ll probably be adding/removing items as my career progresses and my goals change.

  • Win a uTest tester of the year award
  • Mentor a new uTest TTL until they become an ETTL – Prashanti
  • Present at a testing conference
  • Have an A-list tester know who I am
  • Complete all the AST-BBST courses
    • Foundations course
    • Bug Advocacy
    • Test Design
    • Instructors
  • Instruct a AST-BBST course
    • Assistant instructor – Foundations 101-AC (January 2015)
    • Lead instructor
  • Publish an article in various testing publications/blogs



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