Which Apps Do You Use Most? A Chat With Lucas Dargis

The uTest community management team asked me to write a blog post discussing the different apps I have on my phone and how I use them. I guess they thought it would be interesting to show what apps an experienced tester has and how they’re used. I gave them a bit more then they bargained for 🙂

The post ended up being one of the most popular of the year, being viewed and shared thousands of times.




For some reason, the Community Management team thought some of you might be interested to know which apps apps I have on my home screen. It took me a week to figure out what a home screen was and then another 12 days to figure out what an app is, but after some extensive research at the local bus station library (they have a stack of Nickel Saver magazines) I found a nice 1989 Toyota Corolla with under 350,000 miles… SCORE!

Messages – This is a cool app that I just got last week. I mostly use it to communicate with outer space and my mom.

USA Today – I’m a news junkie, and this is my go-to news app. Here I can keep up with the the politics in Czechoslovakia (they make the best hockey pucks).

Photos – Where I store all my pictures of “cats in boxes”. Also I have a few pictures of some short people that look a lot like me, but I never can remember their names.

Camera – I have this humanitarian goal of being the person with the most selfies so this app gets A LOT of use.

Skype – I really liked the “bloooop” sound when I got a message. I hope I get another one some day.

ESPN – I mistakenly thought this app was for Emerging Smart Person’s Neckties. But apparently its some app for keeping up with your favorite snooker players. I just haven’t deleted it yet.

Netflix – You’re supposed to be able to get DVDs from Netflix. Once someone can explain to me what a DVD is I’ll probably use this app more.

Maps – My house has 3 bedrooms, how else am I supposed to find my way around?

Clock – This app confuses the heck out of me. I mostly keep it as a reminder that you are never too old to learn new things.

Pandora – The best place to listen to the same 8 songs over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

The Weather – The thing I like best about weather is it’s always there!

Settings – I really have no idea what this app is for, but the gear picture looks pretty serious. I’m thinking if I touch it, my phone might transform into a toaster oven so I just stay clear of that one.

FaceTime – I think this is some kind of wormhole app where you can see into different dimensions. I’ve been trying to throw pennies through it, but so far whoever (or whatever!) is on the other side just throws them back at me.

Notes – This is where I write down all my big ideas. I don’t think I’ve ever opened it.

White Noise – I like to take little power naps while I’m driving to the office. This app soothes me right to sleep.

Mobile PM – I’m a Project Manager and my boss made me install this app. He’s such a meanie!

At Bat – This app has a lot of numbers on it so I used it to practice counting.

Football – Both of my friends (well, my friend and his friend…. actually, it was my neighbor and his friend) told me this was a cool app. I think it has too much green on it so I only use it when I want to imagine I’m looking at grass.

Travel – This just freaks me out. How did all those apps get so small!!?? There is no way I can tap on those tiny things. But they do help when I practice being a giant. GRR!

Fitness Buddy – I installed this app in the hopes that it would encourage me to encourage my wife to exercise more, but unfortunately she threw her sandwich at me, so now I just ignore it… Unless I’m hungry.

Bio – Lucas Dargis is an Enterprise Project Manager for Applause. When he’s not replacing the cheese in the mouse traps in the basement he enjoys eating the cheese in the mouse traps in the basement.

Later Ben Melito added his own humor to the mix:


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